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UPDATE: Avocados

October 04, 2016

Growers in Mexico are holding back supplies to keep prices elevated; very few stocks have been harvested since Wednesday, September 28. Mexican fruit crossing into South Texas is at an all-time low; demand exceeds supply. Availability will be extremely limited for the next few weeks. The market is expected to climb until Mexican growers begin releasing new crop fall fruit.

  • Fewer-than-expected supplies continue to cross into the U.S. from Mexico due to several factors
    • Growers are delaying new crop fall harvesting until the summer crop has been fully depleted
    • By limiting production, growers hope to keep prices elevated and get a higher return on their crop
    • Poor weather in Mexico has been disrupting harvests
  • All sizes are extremely limited; demand exceeds supply
  • Stocks are being shipped firmer/greener than normal due to strong demand and shorter ripening times
  • Many shippers are pricing on the date of shipment in order to secure enough fruit to fill orders
  • Value-added avocado supplies will tighten in the weeks to come
  • Expect high prices and limited supplies for the month of October

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