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UPDATE: Avocados

August 09, 2018

Avocado prices continue to rise; supplies are limited, especially No. 2 grade fruit. Expect elevated markets until Mexico’s fall crop starts in September.

  • Growers in Mexico have transitioned to the summer crop; often known as the Flora Loca bloom (crazy bloom) as the maturity levels vary each year
    • Supplies are mainly No. 1 grade; No. 2s are scarce
    • Size structure is dominated by small fruit (48-count and smaller); large sizes are tighter (40-count and larger)
    • Fruit is taking longer to ripen due to a lower maturity levels and oil content
  • The 2018 California season is wrapping up
  • Peruvian import stocks will remain available through September; size is dominated by 48-count and larger fruit
  • Overall availability will be limited into September

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