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UPDATE: Avocados

May 11, 2016


The Mexican avocado market is climbing; prices are expected to remain elevated into June. Mexican volume entering the U.S. is down significantly compared to the previous two weeks. Supplies of 48-count and larger sizes are extremely limited. Demand is shifting to the California crop, pushing up those markets and decreasing supplies. Relief is not expected until the Florida, Peru, and Mexican summer crops (Flora Loca) are all on the market in June.

  • Mexican shipments to the U.S. are down 30-40% and expected to remain limited until the Flora Loca summer season starts in mid- to late June
  • Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day promotions depleted inventories at all shipping points
  • Imports from Peru have not arrived yet
  • Florida’s season will begin later than normal this year; expect strong demand for large sizes on the East Coast
  • 48-count and larger sizes are extremely tight; 60-count and smaller sizes are also becoming limited as a result
  • California’s harvest has been steady, however, availability is tightening and prices are rising as a result of Mexican shortages
  • Prices are expected to continue rising for the next several weeks until supplies increase in mid- to late June

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