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UPDATE: Avocados

August 30, 2017

FOB avocado prices remain elevated and are poised to rise even higher with yet another Tropical Storm building near Mexico. Supplies will not increase until early October.

  • The California and Peruvian seasons will end next week
  • Chilean fruit will begin arriving next week, but will not make up for low volume in California and Peru
  • Most growing regions in Mexico have been facing low maturity levels in the summer crop, creating fruit that cannot be harvested
    • Low maturity means there is high water content in the fruit, which results in a failing grade when maturity levels are tested
    • The addition of rain will keep maturity levels low as the fruit absorbs water
    • This will delay the crop an additional two to three weeks until fruit meets the minimum oil content required for harvesting
  • Expect high prices and extremely limited supplies through early October (longer than originally anticipated)

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