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UPDATE: Avocados

January 12, 2015


The avocado market has been steadily rising over the last few weeks. Current supplies are tight due to minimal harvesting and limited transfer arrivals from Mexico during the holiday season. Ample supplies are expected to be on the market by the end of the week to meet strong Super Bowl demand. Although supplies will be plentiful, increased demand will keep prices elevated for the next several weeks.



• Harvesting has begun on a limited basis

o Recent storms damaged some fruit and trees

o Supplies will ramp up for the start of the regular season in late February/early March

Currently, volume is low and prices are average

The crop is dominated by 60- to 70-count sizes

 Peak season will occur May through July

o Harvesting will start winding down by August

o The season will end in September



The 2014/2015 Chilean crop was much smaller than in previous years, making the season shorter than normal

Limited volume arrived in October, but for the most part the Chilean season ended in late October

Most of the crop stayed in Chile or went to Europe, where prices were higher



Mexico will remain the primary growing region for the next several months

Supplies will be plentiful for strong Super Bowl demand that will start next week

The crop is dominated by 40- to 70-count fruit

Supplies are available for loading in California and Texas

Quality is very good

o Oil content is ideal

o Ripening time is fast


The Peruvian season is expected to run from June through September this year

The first arrivals will consist of 48-count and smaller fruit

Peak volume is expected by July and will be dominated by 40-count and larger sizes


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