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UPDATE: Asparagus

March 22, 2016


Asparagus prices are elevated. Production is winding down in Northern Mexico; most growers will finish harvesting by the first week of April. California supplies will reach peak volume in early April. The market is expected to maintain near-current levels for the next two weeks, then spike the first week of April as California becomes the main production region. Markon First Crop Asparagus is available


East Coast

  • Orders are being filled with product grown in Mexico
  • Imports from Peru will increase into Florida as the Mexican season winds down
  • Production will start in Michigan in May and continue into June (approximately six weeks)

West Coast

  • California will be the main growing area from April through June
  • Washington stocks will be available in May and June
  • Peruvian imports will supplement domestic supplies

Prices are typically higher during the domestic season due to fewer overall supplies and higher growing costs. Imports from Baja and Central Mexico, as well as Peru will increase in July as the domestic season ends. 


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