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UPDATE: Asparagus

August 04, 2015


Asparagus prices are rising. Supplies from Central Mexico are tightening; production will begin transitioning to the Ensenada area of Baja, Mexico over the next two to three weeks. Harvesting has begun in Peru, however stocks remain tight due to cold winter weather. Expect prices to remain elevated through August. Baja is expected to reach full production by early September; the Senora, Mexico growing region will begin harvest in mid- to late September. Markon First Crop Asparagus is not available at this time.


Baja, Mexico

  • Limited quantities are available out of Baja, Mexico (into Los Angeles, California)
  • Prices are increasing and will spike during the transition
  • Expect the market to remain elevated as demand shifts away from Central Mexico


Central Mexico

  • Supplies are tightening as production begins to transition to Baja, Mexico
  • Packer label is available (into Los Angeles and Salinas, California as well as South Texas)
  • Quality is very good
  • The season will run through mid-September



  • Packer label is available (into Miami, Florida)
  • Cold winter weather has kept supplies tight, but they will increase in two to three weeks
  • Quality is good


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