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UPDATE: Asparagus

December 30, 2016


While sporadic asparagus supplies from Peru are being used to fill orders, production out of Mexico is increasing. Markon First Crop Asparagus will be available January 4, 2017.

  • When asparagus is grown, ferns grow to be roughly four to six feet high (above ground)
  • Water is then cut off from the fields, allowing it to dry
  • After the fields dry, burning the field (picture attached) is the final step in sending as many nutrients as possible back to the underground root system
    • After the fire is out, the grower will flood the field, triggering the life cycle again
    • In California, burning is not allowed, so growers actually cut and haul ferns to compost dumps
  • When the weather warms, spears start shooting up and crews will harvest

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