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FROM THE FIELDS: Yuma Green Leaf, Iceberg, and Romaine

November 13, 2019

Several growers have begun harvesting green leaf, iceberg, and romaine in the Arizona/California desert growing region. Many of the first crops were impacted by heavy rains and hail in late September. More recently, an unseasonable cold snap slowed plant growth and caused epidermal blistering and peeling to develop in some fields, particularly in romaine.

Yields and case weights will be below normal during the first part of the desert growing season. Some 24-count liner lettuce is currently weighing as low as 34 pounds; other fields are as high as 47 pounds after heavy sorting, but most are seeing a range of 37 to 42 pounds. Iceberg and green leaf lettuce quality is very good, but romaine quality will vary depending on the amount of epidermal peel that is impossible to remove completely (see photos).

Freezing East Coast temperatures could reduce demand while warmer desert weather will promote growth, but prices may remain unstable through November.

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