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FROM THE FIELDS: West Coast Storms

April 08, 2016


Light showers are expected to fall in all key California growing regions beginning today, April 8 and continuing through Sunday, April 10. In addition to the precipitation, below-normal temperatures in the low 60s are being forecast for the next several days. Crews that harvest lettuce, tender leaf, and other row crop items will keep boxes as dry and clean as possible.


Central and Southern California Strawberry Growing Regions:

  • The Santa Maria area will receive up to .20” today; the heaviest rainfall, up to .50”, will fall tomorrow
  • The Oxnard region is expecting light showers today into tomorrow morning; the heaviest storms will occur Saturday night into Sunday morning
  • Growers have packed ahead of schedule as much as possible in anticipation of the rain
  • Quality issues such as decay, lighter color, soft texture, and water damage are predicted

Huron, California:

  • Totals over .50” of rain are expected through Sunday
  • A limited number of iceberg growers will continue to harvest through the week of the April 11
  • Quality issues such as bottom rot, decay, mildew, and premature pinking may occur

Salinas, California:

  • Light showers are expected through Saturday, April 9 with totals up to .35”
  • Most growers have already begun harvesting and packing commodity and value-added products in this region
  • By the end of the week of April 18, nearly all major West Coast vegetable items will have fully transitioned north from the desert growing region
  • Mildew damage and wind-related defects, as well as some elevated insect counts, are already being observed throughout the valley by Markon inspectors
  • Rain-related issues such as bottom rot, decay, and premature pinking in commodity and value-added lettuce items, as well as potential pin rot in broccoli, are expected to develop in the coming days

Desert Growing Region:

  • Light showers with some thunderstorms will hit the region today
  • Most growers have already moved production north; a limited number of commodity and value-added suppliers will remain in the area for approximately one more week

A more significant storm is forecast to move into all California growing regions next Wednesday, April 13 with the heaviest rainfall expected Thursday, April 14 and continuing through Saturday, April 16. Markon inspectors will monitor conditions in all key regions and update further as needed.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


Blake Anderson

Quality Assurance


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