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FROM THE FIELDS: Strawberries in Santa Maria, California

October 24, 2018

The Santa Maria, California strawberry season is now in full swing. Quality issues such as soft texture and bruising from the early season rains and hot temperatures have been mostly culled. Overall quality is improving. Cold nights have caused some uneven color and reduced size a bit due to slowed growth.

The Salinas/Watsonville growing region is winding down. Many growers are now focused on planting next year’s crop as late season supplies are no longer arriving in good condition on a consistent basis.

More high temperatures are expected this week, but the cooler nights will help keep the fruit firm. Markon Inspectors have already begun inspections in this area and will continue to update as needed.

10-24-18 FFF Strawberries in Santa Maria CA.JPG

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Blake Anderson

Quality Assurance

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