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FROM THE FIELDS: Quality Alert Flyers in Select Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Items

February 05, 2015


The quality of lettuce and tender leaf items in the desert growing region has been steadily improving over the last week. The amount of freeze-related damage in finished value-added packs has diminished enough to remove the quality-alert flyers that were added in early January. As illustrated in the attached pictures, epidermal peeling is minimal in current romaine packs and the tender leaf products are exhibiting much better texture and longer shelf-life.


Beginning today, the flyers will be removed from the items listed below:


RSS Wild Arugula 2/2#

RSS Conventional Spring Mix 2/1.5#, 3/1#, 6/1#, 4/3#

RSS Spinach 4/2.5#

RSS Baby Spinach 2/2#

RSS Heirloom Spinach 2/2#

RSS Chopped Romaine 6/2#

RSS Chopped Hearts of Romaine 9/2#

RSS Chopped Romaine/Spring Mix Blend 4/2#

RSS Shredded Romaine 6/2#

RSS 50/50 Blend 4/5#

RSS Hearts & Hearts 4/2#


The following items will continue to have flyers implemented for at least a few more days:


 RSS Washed & Trimmed (W&T) Romaine 2/5#

RSS W&T Romaine Fillets 2/5#

RSS W&T Green Leaf 2/5#

RSS W&T Green Leaf Fillets 2/5#


Markon inspectors will continue to evaluate product and update further as needed.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


Blake Anderson

Quality Assurance


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