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FROM THE FIELDS: Mushroom Growth Process

November 27, 2017

Please click here to view a Markon Live from the Fields video discussing the mushroom growth process in Salinas, California.

  • In this video, Monterey Mushroom’s Quality Assurance Manager, Matt Fuller, explains the mushroom growth process
  • Mushrooms are 90% water
  • The white fibers in the mushroom compost is called mycelium or mushroom seed
  • These fibers come together to form a mushroom
  • The bottom ¾ of each bed is compost that provides nutrients and feeds the mushrooms
  • The top ¼ layer is peat moss that is watered; when the mushrooms need water, they pull it from that layer
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the most important factor in mushroom growth; fresh air is kept out of the room to build this gas
  • The white fibers, mycelium, produces a pin or mushroom button
  • Fresh air is then allowed back into the room; this process allows growers to gauge the size and rate of growth

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Lianna Kelly
Markon Food Safety