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FROM THE FIELDS: Iceberg Lettuce in Huron, California

October 19, 2016

Please click here  to view a Markon Live from the Fields video about preliminary inspections of iceberg lettuce from the Huron, California growing region.

  • A small number of growers began harvesting iceberg lettuce in a limited way in Huron, California this week (click here for a photo of Huron iceberg lettuce)
  • Production will ramp up in Huron the week of October 24, but some Markon and packer brand supplies will remain available in Salinas, California through early to mid-November
  • Preliminary reports by Markon Inspectors reveal good overall quality in Huron, apart from minor insect pressure and wind damage (To view a photo of misshapened iceberg lettuce, click here)
  • Case weights for 24-count liner lettuce are expected to remain below Markon First Crop specifications for at least the early portion of the Huron season
  • Quality has been known to change rapidly in Huron, but Markon inspectors will be monitoring closely and report any new developments 
  • To view a picture of Huron iceberg lettuce that is "ribby," click here

Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


John Galvez
Quality Assurance


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