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FROM THE FIELDS: California Heat Spike

September 13, 2019

Another California heat spike started yesterday, September 12, and will persist through Saturday, September 14. Coastal highs will reach into the upper 80s to low 90s and inland temperatures will reach the low 100s.

Growing regions such as the Salinas Valley, Santa Maria, and Oxnard, California will be impacted, especially broccoli, iceberg, leafy green, and strawberry crops. The persistently hot, humid days and abnormally warm nights over the past several weeks have already created quality and shelf-life concerns (see attached photos). This latest heat spike will prolong these problems.

Temperatures will cool down by Sunday, September 15, but are expected to hit above-normal levels again by the end of next week. The chart below is taken from inland Salinas Valley and compares average seasonal temperatures to what we’ve actually experienced recently and will experience in the coming days.

Heat Spike Weather Update

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