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FROM THE FIELDS: California Central Coast Weather

July 20, 2015


The remnants of Tropical Storm Dolores brought humid conditions and isolated thunderstorms to parts of Southern California and the Central Coast on Sunday, July 19. Only trace amounts of rain have been recorded in the Salinas Valley so far, but the Santa Maria and Oxnard growing regions received .33 and .14 inches respectively. Temperatures will remain above normal today in this tropical air mass, with a chance for more sporadic thunderstorms that could bring up to .2 inches of rainfall in Salinas and .8 inches in Oxnard and Santa Maria.


By mid-week, weather conditions are expected to return to seasonal norms briefly before another warming trend begins the weekend of July 25.


Markon inspectors will be monitoring commodity crops and value-added salad items closely in the wake of the unusually humid growing conditions that have already caused quality and shelf life concerns over the past two weeks.


As always, maintaining the cold chain throughout distribution is critical for maximizing the quality and shelf-life potential of perishable produce items. Ordering for quick turns is recommended.


Please contact your Markon customer service representative for more information.


John Galvez

Quality Assurance


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