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At Markon, Togetherness and Creativity Foster Success

December 26, 2012

Markon employees’ newly formed band spreads holiday joy 

Walk into the Markon office at any given time and you may hear someone singing the latest top 40 hit, sharing their at-home culinary concoctions, or showing off their latest 5K stats. It’s not that we aren’t working hard, it’s that the company culture encourages creativity and expressions of our God-given talents. We like to think of it as the “whistle while you work” mentality. Do happy employees translate to happy customers? Absolutely!


Although not everyone is musically inclined, several of us do love a good jam session and after years of talk, we finally put our talents together to share our holiday joy with the rest of the team. The result was a rocking good Christmas party with John Eldredge on electric guitar/vocals, Steve Geer on bass, Tim Carruesco on drums, and me on acoustic guitar/vocals—all performing for our peers and bringing the group together for some enthusiastic “caroling.”


That night is just one of the many reasons I love working for such an awesome company. Having the freedom to express our other passions (besides produce!), makes coming to the office even more enjoyable.