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August 22, 2012

Markon’s Finance Team and Gus - a 9-month old Guide Dog for the Blind


Markon is known for many things, first and foremost, our fine quality produce. We have earned our reputation by shipping the highest quality, most flavorful fruits and vegetables on the market. Our food safety is also widely acclaimed, having set many benchmarks in the industry over the past 25 years and still leading the charge. But perhaps lesser known is the group that keeps things running behind the scenes: Finance.


As Vice President of Finance for a cooperative, my job is a bit different than it would be at other companies. Because we are owned by eight independent foodservice companies throughout the United States and Canada, there are eight (make that nine including our staff!) groups to organize and keep on budget. Challenging? Yes, but it’s one our department is proudly able to meet. We are a staff of eight that takes care of everything from the management of bill paying to accounts receivable. While our days may be filled with a wide variety of jobs such as chasing invoices and answering billing questions…we quietly keep our part of this finely tuned machine working so Markon products arrive at their best.


From time to time, we add a little diversity to our job descriptions by babysitting Gus or one of his fellow puppies from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Our department has a great love for animals—in fact, we have collectively raised 10 puppies for the guide dogs group.


So whether it’s keeping the business office on track or giving back to our community, remember that the Markon Finance Team has things covered behind the scenes.