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Trust, But Verify

June 05, 2013

Mario Estrada, Jr. and John Galvez in front a Markon delivery truck  














We have been busy visiting regional Markon branded suppliers and Markon member distribution centers all across the country for our annual Good Manufacturing Practices observational review of facilities, processes, and products. 

John Galvez inspects romaine before delivery

These visits allow Markon to have one-on-one discussions with Food Safety and Quality Assurance personnel that cover everything from their food safety program, to finished product quality, to packaging and labeling requirements for a multitude of Markon First Crop, Ready-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials products that are packed and shipped regionally.


“Trust, but verify.” Markon has long been a proponent of this adage throughout the history of the company. Although all Markon suppliers must first pass a multitude of audits and submit proof of a strong food safety program prior to being approved to pack our products, we further ensure that our standards are being upheld on a daily basis by visiting suppliers (sometimes unannounced), walking through their operations, quizzing their staff, and following up with any corrective actions, improvements, or recommendations that we feel are prudent.

Mario Estrada, Jr. inspects machinery in a processing plant 

There’s no question that Markon makes our suppliers better at what they do through our rigid specifications and vendor review processes, but these visits are mutually beneficial. We also come away from each visit with more knowledge and experience than when we arrived. This helps us better understand and share best practices as well as prepare us for any scenario encountered in future onsite inspections.