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People Matter

May 09, 2012

—Tim York


Markon Inspectors John Galvez and Edgar Salazar in the field with crew foreman Arturo.


When Markon was started in 1985, our founders instilled in us the importance of people. They demonstrated that to me every day as I walked through their warehouses, by greeting folks by name and taking an honest interest in what they were doing. And in the earliest Markon meetings, they exhibited a philosophy of caring for people and a true sense of collaboration. 

Since those early days, everyone at Markon has tried to live up to the standards of our founding members. 


Markon supports a number of community causes, among them the YMCA, Ag Against Hunger, The Living Breath Foundation, and local baseball, softball, and football teams. Why? Because people really do matter.


There are several initiatives we are reviewing that address the social aspects of sustainability—primarily focusing on farm worker treatment. Markon has long had in our grower contracts, strict requirements for adherence to federal, state, and local laws. But some are suggesting that the language may be insufficient, so stay tuned for more information.


Having just returned from the United Fresh and National Restaurant Association conventions, I am reminded what I love about our industry: connecting with people, in a handshake business built on trust and integrity. Our industry tends to quickly sort out those that don't live up to their word. I am reminded over and over, this is a people business. We’re not moving boxes of produce, we’re taking care of customers, suppliers, and employees.