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Meet the Markon Members: Nicholas & Company

February 20, 2013


Markon member Nicholas & Company has a long, proud history in foodservice.

Nicholas & Company, one of Markon’s eight independent member distributors, has risen from humble beginnings to become a successful, third-generation foodservice company that delivers the highest quality products and services to our valued customers. The Nicholas team has assembled resources designed to create mutual success with our partners: a team of food service experts, state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and exemplary food safety practices.

But how did the company get from where it started to where it is now? It all started in 1939, when a young Greek man named Nicholas Mouskondis left his home in Crete to forge a better life in the United States, “the land of promise and opportunity.” With only an eighth-grade education, no knowledge of the English language, and a sign on his back reading “Utah”, Nicholas began his long journey to Salt Lake City.

Nicholas started the business by collecting the discarded, dented cans from train cars that arrived at the local station. He and his family re-labeled them and sold them to customers on his bread route. With bootstrap tenacity, long trying hours, and great fortitude to keep moving ahead, Nicholas and his wife Anna, followed their vision and realized the American dream.

The second generation of the company was run by Nicholas and Anna’s son, William (Bill) Mouskondis. Under his progressive leadership, the company expanded outside of Salt Lake City, joined like-minded buying groups for purchasing power and distribution partnerships, and increased its customer base.

Working with his wife, Elyce, and many dedicated employees, Bill secured a larger facility in the Salt Lake International Center. He put great emphasis on technology by investing in computers for the delivery fleet, upgrading office systems, and providing laptop computers for the street sales team—the first foodservice distributor to do so. With Bill at the helm, the company received numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding operations and business practices.

Today the company is under the stewardship of its third generation. Peter Mouskondis and his wife Nicole have a strong commitment to customer partnerships and the Nicholas & Company team. They are investing in building infrastructure and developing the tools needed to continue the company’s success.  Nicholas & Company has more than doubled the size of its facility, formed national alliances for product development, and made further investments in technology. Additionally, the transportation fleet has been expanded and updated to capitalize on innovation and become more streamlined for food safety and efficiency.

Each generation has had its unique challenges and opportunities, but the family’s vision and commitment have incorporated integrity, honesty, and opportunity for all associates and partners and stand as the guidepost moving forward. With focus and drive, the company will continue to meet the needs of its customers while never forgetting the history and the little things that helped make Nicholas & Company the business it is today.


Nicholas Mouskondis

 William (Bill) Mouskondis


  Peter Mouskondis