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Markon On Your Menu

March 28, 2012


Have you visited Markon On Your Menu yet? It’s our flavor inspiration hub … where you can find recipesusage tips, and flavor profiles, as well as Ask A Markon Chef — to get answers to your toughest culinary questions. This ever-growing section of the Markon website is your source for practical answers, professional advice, and creative inspiration.


Speaking of creative inspiration, check out Markon’s newest product, Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Baby Chard, Spinach, & Tat-Soi Blend. This on-trend, hearty greens mix is a highly nutritious, versatile product that can be served raw or cooked—which means it’s not only flavorful, but ticks a lot of budgetary boxes, too. 


Until next time, here are a couple of in-house recipes to get your juices flowing: