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Let the Field Tours Begin!

May 23, 2012

— Steve Pinto


Markon's Field Tours


Spring in the Salinas Valley brings wonderful anticipation as we prepare for the steady stream of customer visits throughout the summer months—where we educate our customers about produce as well as showcase the benefits of buying products from Markon Cooperative.
Imagine throwing on a pair of jeans and boots in preparation for fresh produce field tours that will simply blow your mind ... It’s hard to explain the WOW factor that customers experience when observing the labor and technology used by growers to provide the fresh fruits and veggies that eventually end up on our plates—it’s simply astounding.

Customers who experience Markon field tours get up close and personal with the daily challenges growers face in order to supply high-quality, safe produce year-round. They really start to understand how Markon’s Boots in the Field are key to our success and how important it is to walk and inspect the fields daily. And for those that don’t have field tours scheduled this summer, Markon's YouTube videos provide a glimpse of what we do and how it can enhance produce knowledge.


Take a look at some of our fun customer reactions:

  • Celery is hand harvested?”
  • “Markon’s inspectors pre-approve and walk every field before and during harvests to ensure the best quality?”
  • Spring mix is machine harvested at night?”
  • “This is more labor intensive than I could ever imagine.”

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so a Markon field tour is worth much, much more. These tours are just one of the ways Markon builds our long-lasting relationships. Bringing customers into our world, sharing our knowledge, being transparent, and providing useful operator tools … this is the Markon way.