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Lasting Bonds: Gordon Food Service and Markon Cooperative

March 13, 2013

Bronze sculpture showcasing Paul Gordon’s dedication to the produce industry


“Have you seen the sculpture from Markon that is on display in the coffee area?”


This inquiry came to me from several colleagues as we moved into our new home office building in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I hadn’t had a chance to view the piece of art, but promptly made my way over to where it was displayed. I found myself looking at a great dedication to Paul Gordon: a sculpture of a farmer and customer inspecting a head of lettuce. The pair is in a field with Ready-Set-Serve, Markon First Crop, and Gordon Food Service cartons at their feet.


I’ve known throughout my experience at Gordon Food Service (GFS) that the relationship between Markon and GFS was unique. After all, it was Paul Gordon who laid the initial groundwork that started the cooperative now known as Markon.  


Paul Gordon’s vision was to provide a produce solution to GFS customers that guaranteed a high level of quality and strict food safety guidelines in the items they purchased. He took that concept and made it a reality, creating a great partnership between GFS, Markon, Markon members, and a team of dependable grower-shippers that established a more efficient buying system to better satisfy our customers. 


Continuous collaboration between GFS and Markon has developed into a symbiotic relationship that is integral to the success of both parties. I know that I certainly have gained a huge amount of knowledge about the produce industry and the various components that make it tick. In addition, I am able to rely on Markon to keep GFS sufficiently armed with the information needed to stand behind our produce with full confidence. We know that when we buy through Markon, the fresh fruits and vegetables will exceed our customers’ produce expectations. 


The appreciation and dedication to this relationship does not go unnoticed by either party as is evident by the gift GFS received from Markon.


Now when I approach colleagues, I say, “Have you seen that great sculpture from Markon in the coffee area? Let me tell you all about it!”