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Investing in the Future

July 11, 2012

Summer 2012 represents the beginning of many new things for Markon. Not only have we jumped headfirst into the social media world and increased our quality assurance team numbers with the addition of inspector Matt Collins, but we have begun our first-ever summer internship program.


Several different departments at Markon collaborated to develop a ten-week internship program involving two students from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo’s College of Agriculture. During the interviewing and hiring process we learned that all of the candidates were fully capable, enthusiastic, and eager to enhance their education by obtaining real-world experience in a field they hope to join after graduation. Our final choices include recent graduate Lyndsay Guttchen and junior Cache Perdue.


Markon Interns: Lyndsay Guttchen at the Markon office; Cache Perdue performs a yield study on MFC Premium Lettuce





















The ten-week program these two young women have embarked upon is project-based and focuses on five areas:  Customer Support, Food Safety, Marketing, Multi-Unit Accounts, and Purchasing. Both interns have been given several projects to complete during the summer months; during this time they will also provide weekly feedback reports that present their findings as well as discuss what they learned and what they would change for future candidates.  

Markon’s mission in designing the internship program is to discover emerging talent within the agricultural industry, as well as foster students’ potential careers at Markon. We recognize that investing our time in these students will improve the future of the produce business, as well as develop stars at our own company.