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Helping Hands

June 13, 2012


For the past 25 years, Markon has called California’s Salinas Valley home. Often referred to as the Salad Bowl of America, this region has what many call the richest soil on earth. Growers harvest more fruits and vegetables here than anywhere else and yet there are still people that go hungry. 


Markon has proudly partnered with Ag Against Hunger for the past three years—joining in their annual kick-off glean and sponsoring a celebratory barbecue afterward. If you aren’t familiar with the word glean, it means to gather after the regular reapers. For us, it means harvesting produce that is entirely edible, but may not meet the high industry standards for size, weight, and appearance. Since 1990, Ag Against Hunger has gleaned and distributed over 190 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables that were then given to hungry children, adults, and seniors through food banks and non-profit agencies. 


We all know that the food industry has become quite sophisticated over the past several decades, but that doesn’t mean that the farm owners, harvesting crews, and distributors that work together to bring produce to market have forgotten the simple act of giving back.


Markon takes pride in our association with organizations like this and works to ensure the enjoyment of fresh, healthy, delicious produce by everyone. Each year we’ve participated, Markon employees have brought out their families and friends to join in this community project and then enjoyed some down time with the new friends they’ve made during the glean. We know volunteerism like this brings us together as a team, and even more, as a community.


Ag Against Hunger holds gleans throughout the year. If you or your organizations would like to get involved, go to their site and sign up