Trends: Vegan Fast Food

Vegan foods are so much more than salads and fake meats. The best plant-based recipes focus on flavor and texture—and many are hand-held and snack-based.
  • Spicy jackfruit mimics pulled pork without all of the fat and cholesterol. Top these on-trend tacos with crunchy, creamy Ready-Set-Serve® Heart-Y Slaw for the perfect hand-held treat.
  • Ditch the bones! Buffalo cauliflower is a deep-fried treat served with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.
  • Animal-style fries can easily be converted by topping oven-baked potatoes with caramelized onions and a special sauce consisting of vegan mayo, ketchup, Medjool dates, and pickled relish (add sriracha for a kick).
  • Carrot hot dogs, made by poaching this nutritious root with herbs and spices until fork tender, are so much more delicious than the mystery meat traditionally served in a bun.
  • Make onion rings by dipping in almond milk, flour, and paprika, then panko breadcrumbs—fry or bake!