Trends: Stranger Things

There was a time when diners were wary of new ingredients, but no more. Today’s customers want the weirdest, most exotic flavors and visuals possible to entertain their eyes and palates.

  • Finger limes turn cocktails, salsas, oysters, and sushi into a multi-sensory eating experience. Their tiny, juice-filled beads burst in your mouth like delicious citrus bombs.
  • Castelfranco radicchio is an heirloom Italian variety that has a pleasantly bitter flavor. Its white leaves are speckled with red flecks—perfect for holiday salad presentations.
  • Aged and fermented black garlic is the epitome of umami. This jelly-like ingredient adds notes of sweet molasses and mellow garlic to sauces, dips, and vinaigrettes.
  • Spiky, bright pink dragon fruits bring ohs and ahs to the table. Inside the mildly flavored flesh continues to dazzle with pearly flesh dotted with tiny black seeds.