Trends: Stepping Up Innovation

What’s your biggest problem today? Ask any farmer, fresh produce processor, or restaurateur and you’ll likely get the same answer: labor, i.e., not enough people to fill necessary staff positions. From robots to pre-cut technology, the industry is working hard to feed the nation.
  • Immigration is a hot topic. Getting fields harvested in today’s complicated environment is more difficult than ever. Produce companies are investing big money in automated technology, not to oust jobs, but to ensure food doesn’t go to waste. Fortunately, it’s creating higher-skilled and better-paying jobs so harvesters have upward mobility.
  • Scratch cooking is imperative for authentic cuisine, but pre-cut ingredients don’t diminish chefs’ creative and technical skills, only enhance them. Embrace the ready-to-use items that make sense, like onions, celery, broccoli florets, cauli rice, and cabbage shreds.