Trends: Pearls, Dusts, Crystals, and Powders

Chefs and mixologists are using innovative garnishes to give their dishes and drinks a signature look and taste. 

  • By using spherification (and reverse spherification) chefs can give guests the surprise of burst flavor, from pearls filled with balsamic vinegar, passion fruit, green tea...even seaweed.
  • Flavor crystals (typically sugar plus another bolder flavor reduced down to a crisp nugget) can add texture and whimsical color to foods in every daypart and upgrade classic dishes in an unexpected way. Try ginger, hibiscus, and habanero!
  • Fennel pollen is a powdery, bright gold dust that adds both color and anise-like flavors to dressings, sauces, meats, and vegetable dishes.
  • Nutrient-dense mushroom powder is said by some to boost immunity and give a punch of umami to things as disparate as coffee, burgers, popcorn, even eye cream!