Trends: Peace, Love, & Harmony - New Age Beverages

Drinks with turmeric
Perhaps an amalgam of the Instagrammable food trend, eatertainment, and the wellness category, elements of magic and mystery have become hot in all types of beverages ranging from flavored waters, to health tonics, to cocktails.
  • What mood do you want to be in? How would you like to feel? Mixologists are adding colorful gems and crystals to drinks for both visual appeal and physical benefits (the jury is out on this one). One caveat, be sure you research what you add to the beverage, as some may be toxic!
  • Stirrers and wands are being served alongside to “mix in” concepts like relaxation, rejuvenation, and reflection.
  • Fun potions containing functional ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and fermented veggies, as well as botanical and/or herbal elements like rose petals, chamomile, and ginseng are being influenced by the beauty industry (and vice versa).
  • Astrology weighs in: birthstones (or at least rocks of the same color) attract customers who align with their signs
  • Candy “gems” that burst in the mouth or add sweetness can be sprinkled on milkshakes, smoothies, and alcoholic slushies.
  • Can your drink glow in the dark? “Magic” drinks that contain tonic water (blue), B vitamin energy drinks (flourescent yellow), and vanilla ice cream/milk (white) look luminous when served under black lights.