Trends: Monomania - One Ingredient Devotion

This trend that started in Paris, is now circumnavigating the globe. Chefs are highlighting their skills by focusing on single ingredients, using multiple techniques, and satisfying some obsessive fans.
  • Poke-only establishments are popping up on college campuses, in strip malls, and as high-end operations. Chefs offer this raw fish/rice bowl concept from Hawaii with toppings like avocados, spicy chile peppers, melons, and seaweed.
  • Avocados have such a loyal following that there are avo-only spots that serve dishes ranging from the ubiquitous avo toast, to smoothies, and even ice cream.
  • Grilled cheese shops switch it up by using different breads and cheeses, as well as adding caramelized onions, kale, fruity jams, pickled veggies, and spicy peppersl