Trends: Millennial Brekkie

The younger set (including Gen Z) likes to eat what would formally be deemed breakfast items throughout the day and night. Not only do they want this daypart expanded, but they have revolutionized what to order. Bowls, topped toasts, burritos, and savory waffles are replacing the old standards as quickly as you can whip up a smoothie.

  • Many people are on the go and want hand-held options to get their day started. Protein-packed burritos, panini, and wraps fit the bill.
  • Energy-boosters, like fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls (especially with added bee pollen, wheatgrass, or turmeric) are extremely popular.
  • Avo toast isn’t the only topped bread treat popular at breakfast. Try slathering house-made Ricotta on toasted slices of fig bread; top with tropical fruits such as papaya, yellow dragon fruit, and passion fruit.