Trends: High-Profile Protein

Spinach Crepes
With carbs and fats given bad raps, protein, the last building block of nutrition, has been designated the savior for many dieters. Bordering on an obsession, adding protein or being sure to get enough (hint: deficiencies are rare), preoccupies a growing segment. Marketing items as surprising as coffee, pasta, cereal, even water, as protein-rich has become a method to attract consumers. Although most people do not understand it, many are drawn to the health halo (earned or not) surrounding this nutrient.
  • The global plant protein market is set to exceed more than $10 billion by 2020, while at the same time meat consumption hit a record high in 2018.
  • Vegetables and legumes that fit the bill include edamame, chick peas, Brussels sprouts, beans, avocados, and broccoli.
  • Breakfasts like scrambled eggs and smoked salmon stuffed into vibrant spinach crepes meet the  needs for many protein-seeking diners.
  • The market is being flooded with products containing this added macro-nutrient,
    but serving whole foods that naturally contain it is best.