Trends: Hands On - Tactile Dining

Experiential eating is on the rise. Customers want more than just a tasty meal—they want something to be remembered. Creating an interactive, educational, or just plain fun adventure makes diners want to come back again and again.
  • Keep the senses in mind when designing a recipe: sights (color, textures, shapes), sounds (crunching, sipping, sizzling), touch (cold, crisp, soft), smells (herbaceous, floral, fruity, meaty), and most important, taste (salty, sweet, sour, savory, and umami).
  • Serve breads such as injera, pita, naan, lavash, and tortillas to make eating dishes like tacos, hummus, wat, and curries more collaborative.
  • The “build-your-own” concept, whether it’s a ice cream sundae, a salad, or cocktails, can increase customer satisfaction because they take part in the creation.