Trends: Frozen Fruity Wine Pops & Slushies

Last summer, froses were the hit beverage of the season—and while there will be plenty more this year, schnapsicles and frieslings as well as other frozen fruity treats, are joining bar menus.
  • Schnapsicles are made by freezing schnapps (peach flavor is a favorite!) in popsicle molds and either serving as a boozy dessert or using as an ice cube in summer cocktails.
  • Frieslings use icy Riesling wine as their base. Bartenders add their own extras to make unique concoctions—like honey, citrus juice, brandy, fresh herbs, citrus zests, and spicy simple syrups.
  • Although last year’s hit, froses’ popularity is expected to continue this season; make yours special with edible flowers and/or fresh berries.