Trends: Frozen Fantasies

Over-the-top, Instagram-worthy treats like freakshakes, alcoholic slushies, indulgent sundaes, and exotic ice creams are expected to draw in customers all summer long.
  • Flavors such as Mango with Sticky Rice, Roasted Turmeric, Goat Cheese Beet Swirl, and Earl Grey Citrus Teacake have expanded the ice cream category from a favorite children’s dessert to a sophisticated, versatile daypart.
  • Piled high with M&Ms, pretzels, big lollipops, and gummy worms, dripping with salted caramel, Mexican hot chocolate, and fruit purees, topped with whipped cream, marshmallow cream, and meringue...when it come to freakshakes, the crazier the better. Anything goes!
  • Upgraded slushie and sno-cone ideas include the ever-favorite frose, frozen sangria, even icy bloody marys. Non-alcohol versions with nutraceutical add-ins like ginger puree, maca root, whey protein, and blue spirulina are popular with the clean eating set.
  • A cherry on top and then some: like freakshakes, sundaes have taken a walk on the wild side with toppings such as whole pieces of cake, colorful macarons, Belgian waffles, and cotton candy.
  • Pet-friendly establishments are enticing dog lovers with frozen “bones” made with bananas, peanut butter, and melons.
  • The flipside to these zany sweets is authenticity: pure vanilla bean gelato, fruit-only sorbets, simple banana splits, and old-fashioned malts.