Trends: Earth & Turf

Flexitarians love their produce, but that doesn’t mean completely plant-based recipes. Instead, many diners are in search of veg-heavy dishes with meat accents.
  • The old days saw bacon bits as the de rigeur salad topper. Today’s chefs are using other crunchy meats like crisped prosciutto, lardons, and salmon jerky.
  • Sauteed vegetables like Brussels sprouts, green beans, and sweet baby broccoli get hits of fat and acid from sauces made with salumi.
  • Holiday latkes are deliciously crunchy potato pancakes that can be made even more craveable with the addition of schmaltz.
  • Heirloom beans—whether as sides or soups, can benefit from salted pork or chorizo.
  • Bump up the flavor in gratins, pizzas, flatbreads, and casseroles that are loaded with produce like squash, potatoes, onions, and tomatoes with the addition of pancetta or crumbled chicken sausage.