Trends: Cauliflower 2.0

Remember when cauliflower was the boring side dish, boiled or steamed alongside a steak or piece of fish? Boy, has this ingredient’s profile been transformed! Fast forward to today and cauliflower continues to evolve as one of the most versatile, veg-forward parts of any menu.

  • Cauliflower has a mild, earthy flavor that pairs well with many other ingredients; ideal partners include cheese, cream, onions, garlic, mushrooms, fresh herbs, sherry, soy sauce, coconut milk, toasted nuts, and bacon.
  • Pickling small florets (especially in multiple colors such as purple, orange, and green) adds pleasant bitterness to modern crudites, green salads, and creamy soups.
  • Cauliflower “rice” has become the go-to ingredient for the low carb and gluten-free sets. Substitute Ready-Set-Serve® (RSS) Cauli Creations for potatoes to make updated tater tots.
  • Using RSS Cauli Creations in place of rice makes a unique, toothsome risotto that’s lower in calories and bumps up the nutritional value and flavor profile.
  • Cauliflower “steaks” (roasting or sauteing thick center slices of cauli heads) have become an extremely popular vegan/vegetarian option for steakhouses and other upscale operations.
  • Roasted florets make an ideal substitute in meat-free tacos—drizzle with mole sauce, spicy salsas, or pureed avocado.
  • Baking desserts with cauliflower? Believe it or not, using RSS Cauli Creations can yield moist, sweet cupcakes!