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John Eldredge

Management Information Systems Director, Markon
John Eldredge
“When I was about 11 years old, I would ride along on the job with my brother Dave, who drove a truck for Admiral Packing. While it was always cool to hang out with my older brother, I remember starting early in the morning and working a very long day—with breaks only when my brother stopped to talk with someone driving a tractor, moving pipes, or a ranch foreman. I recall being impressed by two things during these outings: how hard everyone worked and the enthusiasm they shared about growing and harvesting fresh produce.
Later, in 1985, along with Tim York, Mark Shaw, and Annie Harris, that “Admiral Packing truck driver” started Markon…and passed on a legacy for Markon’s staff to follow. Because of this foundation plus Tim and Mark’s leadership, Markon has become the success that it is today.
I’ve had the privilege to work for Markon for the past 20 years where the company culture follows that same discipline. Besides working with Markon’s first-class staff, it’s been an honor to work with the finest suppliers and Markon’s excellent members—who all share a passion for hard work and enthusiasm to deliver the finest fresh produce available.”
“As a young child, my grandmother had a garden in our backyard and while she was cooking, she would ask me to go pick jalapenos, tomatoes, and squash. That garden made a big impression on me and my life. I believe that is where my passion for food and fellowship developed. On Sundays our family would gather at my grandparents’ home to eat and laugh. I believe that no matter what happens in life there is no better feeling than gathering around the dinner table with your family and friends.”