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John Carkoski

General Manager, Maglio Companies
John Carkoski
“I was seven years old and sitting at the dinner table when my dad flicked my ear and tossed a dried apricot on the table. He then proceeded to scream about how sorry he was that my ear just fell off and hoped that my mom would be able to sew it back on—all with a jovial grin. I grabbed my ear in horror until I realized he was joking with me. Stories like this are a common occurrence in my family—a family that is deeply rooted in the hard-working, but fun-loving produce industry.
As a kid, I would go to work with my dad on the weekends to walk the coolers. We always had the newest items available for our friends to try. Now I’m a third generation produce industry member and have been fortunate enough to be involved in industry association events, tour the fields where our products grow, and meet the field workers who cross the border every day to pick our crops. I consider myself blessed to have grown up with produce engrained in my DNA. I love this industry and those that work in it and I’m always willing to share my passion for fresh produce with anyone willing to listen.”
“As a young child, my grandmother had a garden in our backyard and while she was cooking, she would ask me to go pick jalapenos, tomatoes, and squash. That garden made a big impression on me and my life. I believe that is where my passion for food and fellowship developed. On Sundays our family would gather at my grandparents’ home to eat and laugh. I believe that no matter what happens in life there is no better feeling than gathering around the dinner table with your family and friends.”