Chuck Ferro

Markon Member Culinary Specialist
“When I was a 10-year old boy, my father owned a corner grocery store. I loved getting up early enough to join him on his trips to the Detroit Produce Terminal to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. That place was wild and exciting for a young kid like me—just constant activity, earthy smells, and farmers from all over the region haggling at 5:00 a.m.! Once we got back to the store, my dad would task me with setting up the produce displays. I really think that being involved with the whole process and seeing it with my own eyes helped me understand the products well enough to answer the customers’ questions. Even at such a young age. Great memories…but also important lessons that I’ve carried into my years in food service.”
“As a young child, my grandmother had a garden in our backyard and while she was cooking, she would ask me to go pick jalapenos, tomatoes, and squash. That garden made a big impression on me and my life. I believe that is where my passion for food and fellowship developed. On Sundays our family would gather at my grandparents’ home to eat and laugh. I believe that no matter what happens in life there is no better feeling than gathering around the dinner table with your family and friends.”