Steve Pinto

Multi-Unit Accounts Director, Markon

Steve Pinto, Director Multi-Unit Accounts, Markon
“My hometown of Camarillo is a key growing region for fresh produce grown in Southern California. I remember riding my red Schwinn bike (banana seat & high handle bars) into lemon orchards to find that perfect lemon to chuck at passing cars before pedaling off with hopes of not getting caught. For special times, we would head to the local produce stand on Las Posas Road to devour freshly picked strawberries. We would run through my grandmother’s orchard watching crews pick beautiful Hass avocados. Guacamole was a staple as we picked avocados hanging over our backyard fence while our Golden Retriever ate the fallen fruit resulting in a beautiful shiny coat. Fast forward to today and I have been blessed with a profession in the fresh produce industry being employed at Markon. It’s all about the people, the passion, and the challenges we face on a daily basis, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to market. I had no idea my childhood memories would be such an integral part of my awesome career.”