Rusbelina Silva

Director of Quality and Food Safety, 4Earth Farms

Rusbelina Silva, Director of Quality and Food Safety, 4Earth Farms
“As a young girl, I admired the way my grandmother used to make her famous peach jam. I will never forget her attention to detail as she peeled the fruit so delicately and the respect she gave each of her ingredients whenever she prepared it. Her ability to make a jam from those giant golden pearls and capture their wonderful flavor, all in one container, fascinates me to this day. Like my grandmother, I have learned to respect and appreciate our products. Now as an adult, I reflect on this experience and feel blessed to work alongside an industry full of compassionate, hard-working individuals. Our team’s dedication to people, produce, and the planet makes coming to work an absolute pleasure. It is an honor to be part of this organization and I look forward to continuing all the great work we do.”