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Rina Saracay

Production Employee, 4Earth Farms

Rina Saracay, Production Employee, 4Earth Farms
For years when I lived in El Salvador, my husband told me we needed to go back to nature and to stop cooking with artificial foods. 4Earth means natural fruits and vegetables. 4Earth means cooking healthy foods, never artificial. If I were to go back to the processed foods we used to eat, I will dig my own grave, but if I stick with natural, fresh produce, I will build a good future. After working at 4Earth Farms for over 17 years, I know that we must all LIVE 4Earth! ***** Desde hace anos viviendo en El Salvador, mi esposo me decia que tenia que volverme a la naturaleza y salir de lo artificial. 4Earth significa las frutas y vegetables, o la naturaleza. Si me vuelvo a lo artificial, con mi propia dentadura cavare mi sepulture. Si me vuelvo a la naturaleza o sea a 4Earth con mi propia dentadura hare de una buena vida future. VIVA 4EARTH! Tengo 17 anos de estar con 4Earth Farms!