Jessica Donnel

Senior Editor, And Now You Know

Jessica Donnel, Senior Editor, And Now You Know
"In my career, I find myself constantly telling stories about how and why people have chosen jobs in the produce industry—following a family legacy, falling in love with agriculture in college, growing up in a Salinas, or Leamington, or Nogales-type community… But when people turn that question back on me, I always rack my brain for an answer. At the end of the day, I think it comes down to the basics: everybody eats. On its face, that fact sounds like nothing, but I truly love the idea that I can eat an apple at my home in Sacramento, California and have almost exactly the same experience as someone that bites into an apple in Hong Kong or anywhere else on the globe. Food connects people through shared experiences and passions, as well as across oceans and beliefs. I can’t think of anything more valuable to dedicate my work to.”