Jennifer Scherpinski

Markon Marketing & Admin Coordinator

Jennifer Scherpinski, Markon Marketing & Admin Coordinator
“My earliest memory of produce is from when I was a young girl and helped my Papa pick veggies from his backyard garden. I LOVED radishes and was the only one who enjoyed them. Every time I would visit my grandparents, I was able to pick them all for myself. My mom has carried on these traditions with my children and it’s so rewarding to see my girls’ eyes get excited when they see how much the vegetables have grown since the last time they visited their Mia. Since working at Markon, my appreciation for fresh produce and all the hard work that goes into making sure the best product makes its way from the field to your fork has grown immensely. I can only hope and pray that my kids grow up knowing they were raised in a community surrounded by individuals that made this possible.”