Arden Weiher

Shipping Coordinator, Broetje Orchards

Arden Weiher, Shipping Coordinator, Broetje Orchards
“After graduating from WSU, finding a job was tough. I applied to every place I could within a 100 mile radius. Nothing happened for months on end, but then I got a call from Broetje Orchards. The minute I walked in and experienced the environment here, I was astounded. I don’t know if it’s the delicious apples or all the laughs that bring everyone together, but I knew from day one that I wanted to be a part of this team. It brings me immense pride to know what we accomplish here every day. By working in the shipping warehouse and being the last link in the supply chain, I get to witness what everyone’s hard work has accomplished. And I will continue to realize this every time I take a bite from an apple.”